Orient Cement.
May 23, 2014 12:57 pm | manishdhawan@live.com

Sharing with you all the Orient Cement Report I submitted to Safal Niveshak.com as part of its completion. I didn’t win nothing there, but my stock has doubled since then so no complains!!!.

Spin-offs as a theme as explained by Joel Greenblat plays itself out, time and again. I am not sure why this anomaly in the market never gets fixed. I mean I am not complaining as it gives us a chance to make a living but it is a matter of intellectual stimulation for me.

Every time a cash cow is spinned-off from the clutches of a mediocre business, it is as if a rebirth of a new company and strangely enough market takes time to re-rate. Enough time for us to at least double our money.

Download report here

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Disclaimer: I am not suggesting you to buy every demerger and spin-off without due diligence. Please consult your financial planner. You can always make a side car investment with us to see first hand what we are doing. for more info contact info@mysticwealth.in

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