I told u so.


Just reliving my past,  I am reproducing this analogy that I shared in my 2014 IIF presentation, have a look.







So what just happened…….

Now sure there was some background to this as Andre Nel had a tiff with Sreesanth and some verbal volleys were exchanged and then Sreesanth hits a massive Straight Six which hits the side screen, which resulted in him breaking into the frenzy of his rural mating dance.

Now, When was the last time you saw Sachin Tendulkar hit a six and celebrate like that. Leave alone a six, when was the last time you saw him ever celebrate anything like that. (even after a world cup win).

Now you may say that it is a difference of personality and nothing else and I will give you that but the point I want to make in this blog is that






which is to say, when hitting sixes is second nature to you, you would be very self assured when you hit one and while you would like what you have achieved, the feeling would sink in rather quickly and you would move onto the next ball.

Compare that to someone with limited talent, when he hits a six, he knows that IT IS A VERY BIG DEAL.  It is not often that he is going to achieve this feat in his life and so he grabs the moment and throws a party.

I see this in stock markets all the time. The hollowest of drums beat the loudest ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ songs. And you barely hear the professionals even when they make a killing.

After posting our podcast of Gaurav Sud, I received tweets and emails asking if he made any money at all since he was emphasizing on his mistakes most of the time.

There you have it, our dude has achieved financial independence by hitting not 01 but 02 ONE HUNDRED BAGGERS and people are worried if he made any money.


In the end I will like to sum it up with the following video







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  1. Khambatta

    Good points. And examples. Thank you Manish.

    I have found that saying “I told you so” or “Maine bola tha” (including the inverted commas) mockingly (mocking myself) to be a good way to control my ego. I think humility is one of the most important and most under-rated quality in investing/ trading and many other professions where making correct judgements is key to success.

  2. Sam

    Hi Manish, Unitech was the first one. Which was the other 100 bagger for Gaurav? Was it Muthoot Capital Services? I recollect he had pitched that idea @ ValueX in 2012. Many value investors know that Gaurav’s a seasoned Options Trader as well, so his networth would be exceeding EUR 4-5 Mio easily by now. So in my view (for whatever its worth), this post of yours has limited utility. Am inquisitive to know the other 100 bagger.


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  3. Prashant Rishi

    Nice post. That Gaurav Sud paragraph reminded me of the old saying ‘Great men are in the news for their mistakes, average men for their success’

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