What all services do you offer?

Mystic Wealth has 03 portfolios. Mystic Wealth Momentum (MWM) , Mystic Wealth value (MWV) and Mystic Wealth Option (MWO) . To know more about the ideologies followed, please click on the above hyper links for blog.

Mystic Wealth momentum is a subscription based service. It is a model portfolio of Rs 1 million and subscribers get to see firsthand everything that happens on account. It is a weekly timeframe momentum strategy and an email is sent every weekend for possible changes to be made the next Monday. It is also available as a Smallcase

Mystic Wealth Value is our Model portfolio in Value Investing. We select stocks on the basis of inefficiencies arising out of spin offs and demergers. Portfolio is available as a Smallcase.

What is Mystic Wealth Options. (MWO) ?

Mystic Wealth options is our conservative option writing book where we short volatility with 03 strategies.

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A weekly strategy (MWM) would have a lot of churn, won’t it?

To give you an idea of the churn, as per the back test, a little less than 1000 trades were taken in a decade, which comes to around 100 trades per year.

Since strategy has trend following overlay, it is safe to assume that we will be paying STCG tax on our earnings. This overlay reduces the drawdown by approximately 50% in down trending markets. It’s a payoff we are willing to take any day.

Where can I track the performance of your strategies?

One of the hallmarks of Mystic Wealth which distinguishes it from run of the mill fly by night shops is the transparency it brings to the industry. Good, bad or ugly, all our performance graphs would be visible to all (members and total strangers) on our PERFORMANCE PAGE.

Are you legit ?

Mr. Dayananad Deshpande, the brain behind MWV is a SEBI Registered RIA ( INA000010539)

All our endeavors be it sniffing for in efficiency in spin offs or capturing alpha in momentum anomaly come from thorough back tests and empirical evidence. Nothing we do here is based on hunch or emotions. Even the discretionary decision making has a checklist to ensure consistency.

And it is totally skin in the game. We have generated benchmark beating alpha over the years following the same strategies.

I am convinced, how do I join?

For MWM and MWO simply make the payment online and send us a confirmation mail with your details. For MWV and MWM smallcase, please visit our smallcase to subscribe 

I am not convinced, need further assurance?

Send us a mail at info@mysticwealth.in and we will be happy to share with you our back tests, strategy details etc.