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Dharam Chand, ‘Options Writer’.


I recently interviewed Dharam Chand of Kredent Capital who is based out of Kolkata. He is a full time trader and sells Options Premium. Shorts the volatility by creating ratio spreads, Iron condors and butterflies.

While I do not endorse what he does as after reading Nasim Taleb, I am never impressed by looking at stellar records as that can be equivalent to watching the trend-line/equity curve of a thanksgiving turkey prior to thanksgiving 😉

Having said that, without suffering from commitment bias, idea is to present various players of the market who are at least practitioners (right or wrong, they are are a thousand times better than mere preachers at least).


Dharam Chand, ‘Options Writer’



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  1. Ashutosh Lall

    Loved the I just love the phrase in the last line. Practitioners are always better than preachers!! Most preachers in the ‘Twitter trader’ category. 🙂

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