Portfolio Performance

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Real-Time Performance

How do you know the difference between GOOD, BAD and UGLY in absence of performance appraisal? The business channels strive on this LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY. Without a Scorecard every Joker plays on human nature of forgetting the total score and concentrating on the emphasized winner. Remember the image of ‘Sreesanth’ dancing after hitting a Six.

Our endeavour is to be as transparent as possible. If we fail, it shows on our Performance metrics and graph. If we do well, we don’t have to boast it off, our Performance worm Vs indices should do the talking. We feel India has grown enough to come out of the clutches of NO skin in the game, NO accountability clowns.



We at MysticWealth run a Model portfolio run on Joel Greenblat’s idea of exploiting market inefficiencies arising out of spin-offs, turnarounds, special situations and magic formula.



MysticWealth runs a Model Portfolio based on its inhouse developed momentum strategy which captures the alpha while protecting the downside with help of trend following overlay.



Mystic Wealth has a OPTION Portfolio where we primarily short volatility to earn regular income on our portfolio. We occasionally also take directional calls with debit spreads.